2 days   £300

Reiki ..... Rei meaning Universal and Ki  meaning Light force Energy

Reiki (pronounced RAYKEY) is an an ancient hands on/off treatment which allows the Universal Light Force energy to flow through the practitioner to the client, aiding in relaxation and helping the body's natural healing process. Throughoou our bodies we have wheels of energy which are known as Chakras, there are 7 main Chakras which run parallell  through our body, from the top of our head known as the Crown Chakra through to our Root or Base Chakra which sits within the abdomen area. 

From time to time these Chakras can become blocked or out of allignment leaving us open to illness and disease. 

By rebalancing and unblocking our  chakras the energy is able to flow freely leaving us with a sense of well being.

In Level 1 Reiki you will receive 4 attunements over 2 days. The attunements process opens your energy centres also known as chakras within your Third eye, heart and palms of your hands allowing the Universal energy to flow freely. 

During your 2 days of training you will learn how to do a full body Reiki treatment on yourself as well the hand positions required for treating others. You will be given a manual which covers everything  you will need to know for Usui Reiki Level 1.

On the day please wear comfortable clothing and bring along a blanket as the body temperature is known to drop during meditation (I shall be guiding you through meditations on both days).

You will also need to bring a packed lunch and water. I shall provide Tea, Coffee, Herbal Teas and light snacks, inc fruit.

I look forward to meeting and introducing you to the divine world of Reiki.

A deposit is required to secure your place with the balance paid in full 1 week prior to the course start date.

Please contact me should you have any quetions.